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"And xhamster videos I mean ALL night." Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 06:33:40 -0400 From: Chris xhamster spanking Johns Subject: Egyptian Adventure This story has scenes of eroticism and gay sex included. Please leave this site xhamster/ if it is illegal to read this in your country, or you hamster xxx are too young. The story is also copyright to the xhamster japan author Egyptian Adventure Timothy Leighton was so xhamster categories excited he could hardly stand still. Lined up on the deck of the ship as it hamster tube came xhamster. com alongside in the Port of xham Alexandria he took in all the sights. Tim was a very young Corporal in a light infantry regiment posted to Cairo for two years. The reason why, at 22 he was on this posting was because he spoke fluent Arabic and in many other ways was too intelligent to be just another soldier. The intention was that he should make sergeant on this posting and then be offered a field commission. 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The train ride to Cairo was a thing of wonder to Tim, the heat and flies didn't worry him that much he just seemed to naturally xhamster mobile adapt to xhamsters.com the climate which was surprising given his physical characteristics. He was light skinned, almost pale, he had fair hair and beautiful, expressive, hazel eyes. A keen sportsman he hamster had a well put together, slim, athlete's body and xh for that era, xhampster at 5 feet 10 inches was tall. On arrival at the barracks outside Cairo his commanding officer explained to him his duties. "Leighton, the Sergeant will show you your room when I have finished this brief. It is part of the barrack room in which your thirty boy soldiers will be accommodated. porno xhamster They are all fourteen to sixteen years old, which in this country makes them legal age for service in the army. Their code of discipline is a cross between our Army Code and our Public Schools disciplinary code. In other words, I don't expect to see many of them at my table for defaulters, you administer punishment as you decide it is necessary in compliance with the two codes. xhamster videos You will have a swagger stick but I would remind you that they can break the skin very easily if wielded too hard. I suggest x video that spanking is the best form of cp for anything other than the most serious breaches of discipline. Remember they are Arabs so as you know humiliation can be a very effective form of discipline as well. Most of them are peasant boys so initially you may well have xhamster com to demonstrate how they are to clean themselves, and then you will need to check on them regularly. Your training manual is in your room and follows your own training almost to the letter. Any questions?" Tim sprung to attention and said, "No Sir." Saluted xhamster photos and left with the sergeant. What Tim was confronted with was a large airy barrack room xhamster de with a decent size room partitioned off in one corner. This was luxury for Tim, he had been used to living with a large number of soldiers much the same as his boys would, in x.hamster an open barrack room with no privacy. His room had a window to the outside making it very light and he could porno hamster open the window and sleep with his mosquito xhamster mom net covering his bed so that free porn it wouldn't get x-hamster stuffy. "Tim, I'm Sergeant Glover, I will be your contact with the regiment if you need anything. I understand xhamster categories that for the rest xhamster desi I am to leave you to run this outfit by yourself. You must xhampster be xhamster de highly thought of. Have a look at the dress code for your boys, it is going to be trialled by xhamster mobile them with the idea of our lads following if it works and you will conform with it as well. Your lads www.xhamster will arrive in the morning so you haven't long to familiarise yourself with the rules." Tim wasn't hamsterxxx worried, he knew the rules, the dress code looked great, the daily dress would be short sleeve blousons and long trousers with boots and puttees as normal. They would wear the Arab headdress with a xhamster jepang regimental badge in the centre. Tim's stripes would be displayed on his shoulders like the officers. The barrack room took Tim's attention for a while. xhamster tube Thirty beds, xhamster spanking fifteen per side. At the far end a xhamester tiled area with an open water tank in the centre filled from a single tap. Around the edge of the tank were a selection of large ladles. Tim realised it was a Mandy Bath. The x hamster.com boys would soak themselves with water delivered from the ladles, x hampster they would soap themselves xhams https //xhamster.com off and then rinse with ladled water. 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"Now I xxxhamster would like you to remove the pieces of uniform that match my own plus a pair of these." With that Tim held up a pair of army issue underwear, pretty grim stuff but! Tim walked down the two rows of beds and checked that all of the boys had everything. "Will you now remove all of the clothes you are presently wearing and fold them neatly into the xhamster milf bag that you were given for that purpose." The boys looked at each other, xhamster porno obviously not happy with that instruction. "Come along now, let's get it done quickly." xxx xhamster Tim ducked back into his room and also undressed but he kept his underwear on and wrapped a towel tight round his porno hamster body making sure the folds xhamster hd were at the gay xhamster https //xhamster.com/ front to further xhamester cover the erection he expected to get. When he emerged most of the boys were naked but covering their genitals with their hands. 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The boys were open mouthed, bath every day, they had never heard of such a thing, besides which most had not had access to that much water even if they had wanted to, but with the camp next to The Nile xhamster indian water was no problem. "Pair off xhamster sex because your mate will porno wash your back and you will reciprocate." Tim had noticed that all the boys were circumcised so he wouldn't get the opportunity to skin them to show them how to wash their glans. Oh well, never mind, he still intended to get a good grope. He looked at the pairings and told them xhamster tube to take their soap trays and towels to the shower area. That gave him a good chance to xhamster hd scope their butts as well. Two of the older boys who he had noted were well endowed also had cute butts so he knew he was going to use them as his demonstrators. "You two," Tim said pointing at his victims, "Come and stand in front of me. Leave your towels on the bench." Surrounding the tiled area were benches for the boys to leave their gear. "What are your names?" Each in turn spoke up, they were Ali and xhamster photos Karim. Tim looked them over again carefully. Karim was gorgeous in Tim's eyes. He was almost the same height as Tim and porno xhamster very slim, probably https //xhamster.com not eating enough. Tim thought he would be amazing if he filled out a little more. He had a long penis, quite thick and a more than adequate ball sack. Facially he was almost pretty, Tim had noted several of them were. Black wavy hair, almost black eyes with long curling eye lashes a reasonably full nose and full lips. Tim suspected there was probably a bit of negro blood in this boy. He was a lovely light coffee colour all over and Tim thought hamsterporn he was the sexiest creature he had ever exhamster seen. Ali was hamster sex also very attractive but not in hamsterxxx the same class as Karim. "Now boys, pay attention. You will be carrying out a lot of exercises every day that will make you sweat. We must make sure that at the end of the day's exercise you are thoroughly cleaned and dried or you xhamster milf will develop sore rashes, in your xhamster groins particularly and that will eventually incapacitate you so I am going to show you how you are to wash and hamster.com how to assist your friend. Karim, you will be my demonstrator. Come here and stand by the water tank, xhamsters the remainder of you stand round so that you can see." Tim told Karim to soak himself using one of the ladles. As soon as that was done he made him stand with his back to his fellow recruits. hamster "Now your mate will soap your back thoroughly, all the way from neck to ankles. Stand with your legs well spread Karim." Tim then proceeded to wash Karim's back paying particular attention to his crack which he almost caressed making xha certain he brushed the rosebud xhmaster several xhamster lesbian times. 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Your manhood is quite exceptional and something to be proud of." Karim was blushing but the compliment made xhamsterlive him xhamster porn smile at this strange white man whose touch was so exciting. All washed and Tim rinsed the boy's back and bottom leaving him to finish his front. "I will do Ali's back to www.xhamster.com show Karim what is hamsterx expected and as a second chance for the remainder of you." Same effect on Ali, xhamster de exhamster when he turned round Tim could see a nicely plumped penis. "Wash your front Ali to demonstrate that you have it right." That was Tim's chance to see a second erect penis. Very tasty and about seven inches, not as thick as Karim, but still very nice. "Good, everyone else in your pairs, I want you all clean x hampster and xhamster desi sparkling in ten minutes. When you are dry back to your beds and stand as before. Karim and Ali come with me." Tim took them back xxxhamster to their xhamstercom bed xhmaster area and felt each one round his genital and bottom area. "Good boys, you are completely dry so you can put your underwear on." He xhamster photo touched both of their cheeks and said. "I know I xhamster sex xhamster odir embarrassed you but thank you for being so co-operative. Your personal hygiene will make your life so much more pleasant here and that is important to me." These two boys were now sold on this Englishman as being a good guy who cared about xhamsters videos them. They had been xhamter in the Egyptian Army barracks for a few days getting their uniforms and had seen how the Egyptian army Corporals xhamster free porn and Sergeants treated their subordinates. Much more x video brutally than Tim was showing and no one xxx hamster appeared to worry about personal hygiene. All dry and ready to be inspected, Tim walked down the lines gently stroking random bodies to make sure there was xhamster porno no dampness. "Good lads, now, underwear, blousons, trousers and boots on." A few had problems with buttons and shoe laces but xhamster odir those that x hamsters were familiar with both helped free xhamster the others, puttees came next and then their head gear. Tim then started them all xhampster.com on basic drill. He wanted them to learn how to stand at attention and at ease, how to turn, how to get proper spacing and how to march off. There were some funny incidents and by lunch time the boys were quite relaxed x hampster around Tim. They realised that they had to xhamster photo be disciplined but Tim was patient and explained things to them carefully and as xhamster video many times as they x hamester needed. After lunch xhamster free porn they learnt how to stow their xhamster geschichten uniforms and personal gear xhamster com in their lockers xhamster mature and how to make their beds. Before allowing them to change for sport and go out to football Tim explained the disciplinary code. 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I hope you will not need a second reminder about your behaviour." Tim stroked hamster the boy's bottom again and then moved to the front xhamster lesbian and started gently stroking his torso moving lower in stages until he was stroking his penis. "You are a very xhamster spanking good looking boy with a nice body Abdul. Don't let me have to spoil it by beating you often because I will graduate to my stick if you don't learn porn xhamster quickly." By this time the boy was erect and Tim noted it was a very respectable length and thickness. The boy was also looking at Tim with a quizzical expression, not one of shock which might have been expected. Left alone and back at ease the boy was soft again when his fellows entered. "I want you all in a semi circle round this boy. Abdul turn xhamster indonesia and face the wall, spread your legs wide and x master bend over. Ali and Karim come and support his shoulders so that he doesn't fall over." 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